Every leader wants to see their organization thrive. Every organization is a system dependant on all the constituent parts. The well-being of the whole is possible only when all of the leaders, managers and employees work in accord.

The audit offered by LMI addresses the issues that affect your organization and offers solutions.

The LMI audit analyses the degree of engagement of the employees. The methodology includes brief interviews with members of staff to determine the following:

  •    Strategies established to develop the effectiveness of the organization through HR.
  •   The degree of investment into the learning and development of the staff which allows to achieve the company’s objectives
  •   The degree of equality of opportunity in the development of the staff.
  •   The progress that each employee makes on their own and the contribution of the staff as a whole to the organization.
  •   Staff awareness of the impact learning and development have on the performance of the organization, teams and individuals. Encouraging all members of the organisation to work as a team towards the same goal.
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