LMI Advisors will help you design strategic responses that make the most sense for your business.

Advice given by an experienced LMI professional acts as a compass, allowing to smoothly navigate through HR issues. An advisor provides guidance that helps with concerns and questions that arise in a workplace.

Areas of advice:

  • Employee engagement – How to keep staff motivated to perform

Every employee wants to feel valued and respected; wants to know that their work is meaningful and their ideas are heard. These elements are necessary for employee engagement which directly affects an organization’s financial health and profitability, fostering customer loyalty, improving performance and promoting retention of talent. However only about a third of employees in Poland today are fully involved in their work.

How can you improve the staff performance at your organization?

An LMI Advisor helps to create a work environment that motivates and fosters engagement. The results: employees who are more productive and committed to the organizations they are part of.

  • Effective HR implementation and legal practice with LMI Partners

An effectively implemented Human Resource Management process creates high performance workplaces. Organizations which follow HR best practices are able to develop an organizational culture that nurtures innovation and flexibility, key factors that guarantee a sustained competitive advantage. An LMI Advisor can assist you and your organization with the implementation of the most current HR practices, helping to achieve the organizational goals.

LMI offers legal practice advice in collaboration with LMI Partners to answer any questions or concerns that may arise, including HR contracts.

  • HR support in times of change

We live in a time that challenges the status quo in many aspects of our lives, including the structuring and management of organizations. Tighter labor markets, economic uncertainty, new developments in technology and globalization are the key factors that will shape the workplace and the HR profession in coming years.

Today’s most critical human capital issues include employee engagement, developing the next generation of leaders, competitive compensation, talent retention and competition for talent, according to a recent SHRM survey.

LMI Advisors will help you design strategic responses that make the most sense for your business. You will be able to confidently face any issues you may encounter and implement the changes necessary for your organization to thrive.

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